At JP Surveyors, we offer an extensive range of property-related services aimed at adding value to our clients’ property ambitions. As experienced building surveyors and experts in the built environment, our team is available to help with any building related query, helping you to gain a deep understanding of your property asset and proceed with the best possible advice.

Our property services portfolio comprises:

Home Surveys

If you are considering buying your next home, rental property investment or holiday let, contact JP Surveyors for expert advice on the best independent home survey for your needs. We carry out the full suite of property surveys and deliver valuable findings and professional guidance to inform your decision making.

Row of English Homes

A Condition Report is a basic survey most suited to new-build or nearly new properties of standard construction that are in a good state of repair. The visual site visit and subsequent report will provide an objective overview of the property’s construction and main internal and external elements, along with a traffic-light condition rating and brief explanatory comment for each element. Major defects and urgent issues found will be documented, and the summary will also cover legal considerations and risks that the conveyancer should be aware of.

A HomeBuyer Report, this mid-level survey is appropriate for most modern properties that are of conventional construction and in a reasonable condition. After a non-invasive site visit and inspection, a detailed report provides the salient facts you need to make an informed decision about whether and how to proceed with the purchase. The findings cover any defects that may affect the value of the property, along with our professional recommendations for repairs and ongoing maintenance. Using the same colour-coded condition ratings for each part of the building, including outbuildings and services, the report is designed to be easy to understand for homebuyers who are not property professionals.

Also known as a Building Survey or a full structural survey, this in-depth property investigation is recommended for older and particularly large properties, non-standard constructions, fixer-uppers and properties with complex surveying needs. It includes a detailed evaluation of the structure and condition of the property, using traffic-light condition ratings to highlight findings in an easy-to-understand format. Our Building Survey is the most comprehensive report, delivering far greater detail and offering more recommendations on remedial action than a Level 1 or Level 2 is able to do. Properties of any age built with non-standard methods or materials, or homes that have been substantially altered in the past or are in need of modernisation will benefit from a detailed survey.

  • Historic building surveys

We offer detailed independent property surveys specifically aimed at period homes including Victorian and Edwardian dwellings, other heritage properties and listed buildings. The level of investigation is similar to a conventional one, but it is tailored to the period architecture and original features of the building in question. This may include sash windows, timber frames, thatched roofs and other heritage roof coverings, period masonry, lime render and more. If the building is Grade I, Grade II* or Grade II listed, we will verify that any modifications to the original building were made with full Listed Building Consent.

Property Valuations

Property Calculator

We carry out ‘Red Book’ property valuations for all types of residential and commercial property, serving the needs of private clients, professional investors and property developers. We provide formal valuation reports for many different purposes including probate & estate valuations, matrimonial settlements, tax matters & planning, insurance valuations, mortgage lending and more. We can assist residential property buyers with home valuations and mortgage valuation reports, buy-to-let landlords looking for a rental valuation, and business valuation reports.

Party Wall Surveys

Front of Townhouses

JP Surveyors have considerable experience in party wall matters and provide professional guidance throughout your construction project. Party wall legislation applies to any works affecting a shared party wall structure or boundary, including loft conversions, basement excavations and building extensions. Our team will draw up the required party wall notices and prepare party wall awards as necessary, ensuring that the interests of the Building Owner and all Adjoining Owners are protected under the Party Wall Act.

Schedules of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is an essential safeguard for any building project carried out in compliance with party wall legislation. The objective is to record the property’s condition prior to any construction work being undertaken, so that any damage reported after the build can be property attributed. In this way, building owners and affected neighbours can be protected against spurious or potentially fraudulent claims for building repairs. Our Schedules of Condition consist of a detailed visual inspection of the building element in question, with a written report supported by sketches and photographic evidence where appropriate.

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